Stop the Livingston Development Project in Glen Cove!

The Livingston Development Project is a proposed housing project is a tremendous housing development that has been proposed on Glen Cove Avenue. Right now, there are existing houses nearby as well as natural habitats for animals that will be disturbed by the immense project. Putting up so much housing on only four acres of land is sure to cause environmental nightmares, and it will reduce the property values in all nearby neighborhoods including Rooney Court, Harmony Lane, Shore Road, and Putnam Avenue. In addition, there will be a great increase in traffic on Glen Cove Avenue, a small road already known for fatal accidents that occur every single year.

Livingston Development Project

The Livingston Development Project

Get Involved Now!

We have gotten involved. We recommend you do as well.

Write a letter to Lois Stemcosky; Secretary to the City of Glen Cove Planning and Zoning Boards. You may use the format we have used.


Dear Ms. Stemcosky:

Thank you for your service to Glen Cove.

As it is, Glen Cove Avenue has quite enough traffic. Glen Cove has long been proud of our wonderful natural resources, and with Super Fund sites behind us, Glen Cove needs to distance itself from more environmental damage. Additionally, the homeowners are valuable taxpaying citizens of Glen Cove. They do not deserve to have their property values diminished for the benefit of the few.

In the long run, the most important prerogatives are to preserve the quiet and idyllic nature of Glen Cove as well as the value of the City as a whole.


Martin Low


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